Green Tips: Weatherize Windows for Greener Energy Bills

Keep your home winterization process eco-friendly by weatherizing your windows. Covering glass with clear plastic or storm windows will cut heat loss and using insulating drapes will hold even in more heat.

Who doesn’t remember stapling up sheets of plastic over the windows of your home with your father as a young child? Well as it turns out, the old man was right — this really is a great way to keep the heat inside your home and keep the cold air outside.

Some home improvement stores now offer pre-cut sheets of plastic, but these are often of low grade and might not be large enough to cover all windows. Instead, just buy a large roll and a pair of scissors and get to work. Though it may take you a little bit longer, this is a much more inexpensive and efficient way to go about putting plastic up on your windows. You may also want to cut some cardboard strips to go around the border of each sheet; these will help hold the plastic in place during high winds or strong storms.

Check out these DIY instructions for weatherizing your windows to save energy.

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Barbara lives in Southern California where she writes about technology, design and smart ways to go green.


  1. John_Wilks says:

    Placing plastic over windows works.

    I’ve done this for years and it’s perfect and easy to do to.

    I didn’t know about the strips of cardboard though. I’ll have to try that.

  2. I used to live in an old cottage in Lincolnshire and the plastic bag insulation was the best. Having a seperate outside dog house which homes 19 rescue dogs at one point, that got th same treatment and the critters were always comfy-cosy over winter!

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