Henley’s Patchouli Soaps Are Naturally Groovy

Henley Natural soaps

Henley Natural revives a popular hippie scent with new, groovy patchouli soap, lime patchouli soap and orange patchouli soap. Patchouli has a strong, earthy, smoky, and musky scent that was enjoyed by the counter-cultural hippies of the 1960s and 1970s. The rise in popularity of the patchouli scent today has people still frequently asking for […]

EverythingLongBeach.com plans green promotion to plant hundreds of trees

green contest

Climate change is one of the most daunting threats facing our world today. Creative solutions will be the key to changing the tides of the biggest fight of humanity. EverythingLongBeach.com will begin using Mokugift’s tree-planting rewards as prizes for the Great Green Ideas contest. EverythingLongBeach.com actively supports green activities in Long Beach by promoting events […]

Dot Com, Dot Net, Dot Eco?


Right now .eco is just a vision. True, it’s a hope that’s backed up by hardwork and big names. But it’s not a certainty yet. The belief of Dot Eco LLC, the folks behind the .eco top level domain, is that the environmental movement deserves a top level domain, similar to .com or .net, that […]