Public awareness of humanity’s impact on the global environment is at an all time high.  Organizations like Greenpeace and the Sierra Club are no longer fringe organizations run by ‘hippies’.  The Natural Resources Defense Council has an $87 million war chest which it wields to curb global warming and create clean energy sources, 85% of […]

Meatless Mondays- Green Curry


Welcome to Meatless Mondays, where each Monday we will post a vegetarian recipe to inspire you to eat less meat.  I figured we’d start with something simple and quick- Green curry.  Curries are very popular dishes from China to Malaysia to India.  Each country has its own version with unique flavors and ingredients which can […]

Blue Helmets Go Green


Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Um Bello, heads up the Alpha Company of the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) which is working in the region of Kakata in western Liberia. On 8 July 2009, Um Bello led his troops in a new exercise: planting trees to contribute to the UNEP-led Billion Tree campaign. “The war against […]