The Green Workplace is a must-read for all businesses


HOK, a green design and consulting service, is releasing The Green Workplace, a book already heralded by reviewers as a “must have” for businesses seeking to survive and thrive in this new, greener era. Authored by HOK Vice President Leigh Stringer, The Green Workplace is a comprehensive guide that demonstrates how green businesses can reduce costs, enhance productivity, improve recruitment and retention, increase shareholder value, and contribute to a healthier natural environment.

Published by Palgrave-MacMillan and available August 4 in bookstores and online, The Green Workplace features real-world examples from Bloomberg, Google, Sprint, Adobe, Texas Instruments and dozens of other companies that have implemented specific green practices and experienced the benefits. The book provides insights into human behavior and techniques to encourage employees to green their actions. It also illustrates opportunities to leverage the latest technology to green an organization’s buildings and overall business.

“’Green is Good’ may indeed be the business mantra of the 21st century, but it takes a commitment to proven best practices and creative approaches to ensure that ‘green’ means ‘profitable,’” Stringer said. “The Green Workplace draws on the experience of successful green companies to craft a practical resource for helping companies consider how specific actions – big and small – can improve the bottom line while enabling them to better serve their people, stakeholders, communities and natural environment.”

The book already has earned early praise from several corporate leaders. “This is one of the most useful books I have ever read—Leigh Stringer has taken on ‘green’ in the most holistic of ways,” said Chris Hood, program manager of the HP Workplace. “Stringer’s passion and enthusiasm for the subject is infectious; no contemporary business organization should be without this book.”

About Leigh Stringer
Based at HOK’s Washington, D.C., office and a member of the firm’s Advance Strategies practice, Stringer is an expert on sustainable workplace behavior, operations and design. A LEED Accredited Professional and member of the HOK Inc. Board of Directors, she is the founder of, an influential blog that shares insights on workplace issues, green design and green policy changes. In 2007, Building Design + Construction magazine selected Stringer for its “40 Under 40” list of influential industry professionals. She speaks regularly on the virtues of green workplaces at events hosted by clients, professional associations and community organizations.

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