Seven Priorities for EPA’s Future

Administrator Jackson unveils her seven priorities


Almost one year ago, I began my work as Administrator.  It has been a deeply fulfilling 12 months and a wonderful homecoming for me.  As our first year together draws to a close, we must now look to the tasks ahead.

In my First Day Memo, I outlined five priorities for my time as Administrator.  We have made enormous strides on all five, and our achievements reflect your hard work and dedication.  By working with our senior policy team, listening to your input and learning from the experiences of the last 12 months, we have strengthened our focus and expanded the list of priorities.  Listed below are seven key themes to focus the work of our agency.

Taking Action on Climate Change: Last year saw historic progress in the fight against climate change, with a range of greenhouse gas reduction initiatives.  We must continue this critical effort and ensure compliance with the law.  We will continue to support the President and Congress in enacting clean energy and climate legislation.  Using the Clean Air Act, we will finalize our mobile source rules and provide a framework for continued improvements in that sector.  We will build on the success of ENERGY STAR to expand cost-saving energy conservation and efficiency programs.  And we will continue to develop common-sense solutions for reducing GHG emissions from large stationary sources like power plants.  In all of this, we must also recognize that climate change will affect other parts of our core mission, such as protecting air and water quality, and we must include those considerations in our future plans. Read the rest.

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