Save Planet Blue Teaches Kids about the Environment with Gameplay


Children are more aware of the importance of recycling and other environmental issues than at any other time before. Protecting our environment is becoming more and more crucial every day, and children know that they will inherit a planet that needs special care and creative solutions. is a new interactive online game site where children can learn and explore issues concerning the environment, all while having fun.

So what makes different from other online interactive game sites? Well, here’s a peek behind the scenes.

From the very first glance, visitors will be struck by the beautifully animated 3-D website. Begin in The Planetarium filled with vibrant colors and a view of the Universe. The Planetarium is where you create your own personal Planet Blue Saver, a bouncing weeble-type character who you will move through the website. You will be choosing everything from your hairstyle and skin color to the color of your Planet Blue Saver vest. Your Planet Blue Saver can be moved by your computer’s mouse or the arrow keys.

In The Planetarium, you will find other Planet Blue Savers to help you navigate the website and games. They will also have conversational exchange with you and give you facts about the environment. All you have to do is bump into them!

While you are there, take note of the Space Door. This special opening will transport you to other parts of Planet Blue like The Rainforest. As you play the different games in the Rainforest you will meet Frazzie the Monkey, Blinky the Frog, and Petey the Toucan.

Start earning points in the Banana Toss Game where you toss bananas to Frazzie. But be careful not to toss any bananas to Blinky and Petey! They don’t eat bananas and points will be deducted.

The Puzzle Game will test your puzzling abilities while earning points in the process. Points are important; as they will help you earn badges and merit awards that improve your rank. A really unique aspect to this merit system is that when you acquire your highest badge, “The Tree Badge”, will adopt a tree in your name and have it planted in the rainforest.

You can explore other games on Planet Blue, like a Recycling Game, Simon Says, and a Memory Match Game. And unlike many other interactive game sites, the site will evolve and grow monthly with new games and environments added on a regular basis.

Watch the Save Planet Blue Video Trailer and you’ll see why this 3D interactive game site for children is different than any other online game site you’ve ever seen.

Visit for more information or watch the sneak preview of the television series currently in development. We welcome children of all ages!


  1. This is awesome. My wife and I are always on the look-out for great tools to use to teach our kids. Thanks for sharing this one!

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