Recycle with Crafts by Making Juice Can Puppets

kids craft: juice can puppets

Homemade puppets are always a big hit and these juice cans are a perfect fit for a child's little hand.

Recycling doesn’t always have to be about sorting and tossing into bins. Reuse is a popular form of recycling and it’s so much more fun! Re-using recyclables to make crafts will get your children excited about eco-crafting. Juice Can Puppets are kid-friendly craft can easily be adapted for all ages.

These juice cans are the perfect size for a small child’s hand. Just make sure there are no sharp edges, gather up some clean juice cans and make puppets with your kids. Here’s how to get started.

Materials Required to Make Your Juice Can Puppets:

  • Juice cans
  • Glue
  • Colorful construction paper, craft foam, or cloth
  • Pipe cleaners or felt strips
  • “Googly” eyes
  • Markers or paints
  • Optional decorations like feathers, sequins, buttons, yarn, tissue paper, and so forth

Directions for Making Juice Can Puppets

  1. Wrap the juice can with the construction paper, foam, or cloth. Glue into place.
  2. With the open end of the can down, glue on felt or foam strips for arms.
  3. Cut out hand shapes from construction paper or craft foam. Glue these to the ends of the felt arms.
  4. Using pipe cleaners or strips cut from felt or foam, glue legs to the bottom edge of the juice can.
  5. Make hair using yarn, feathers, pipe cleaners, or whatever your child likes.
  6. Glue on googly eyes, or your child may prefer to paint or draw eyes. You can also make eyes from paper or craft foam and glue them on.
  7. Make the face by painting or drawing the nose and mouth, or glue on nose and mouth shapes cut from craft foam or paper.

Some optional ideas might be to attach paper, tissue, or foam wings or a cape to the back of the puppet. Make a king or queen by attaching a cut-out crown. Make a wand from a straw or pipe cleaner to make a fairy puppet. The possibilities are extensive!

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