The Nogg Chicken Coop: A Hip Design for the Urban Chicken

modern chicken coop design

The nogg is a good-looking chicken coop designed with sustainable materials. It's unique shape looks as good in an urban garden as it does on the farm.

The nogg is a modern chicken coop that has been designed in the shape of an egg. The coop, which can house between 2-4 chickens, adds a touch of playful elegance to domestic farming and looks beautiful in any garden environment—urban or rural. The nogg is designed to enhance and compliment it’s surroundings and fit sculpturally with this aesthetic assumption.

The nogg is more than just a good-looking chicken coop. It advocates the provenance of homegrown foods. Even in urban environments, chicken keeping has become a huge trend. The birds make ideal pets with the added benefit of fresh eggs every morning.

Nogg Chicken Coop For City Living or Country Life

The nogg is an enterprising collaboration between furniture designer and engineer Matthew Hayward and Creative Director Nadia Turan. It is a great example of how a random thought turned into a reality after a group of friends and relatives became excited about keeping chickens.

Hayward and Turan found it upsetting that chicken coops were so ugly, badly constructed and rudimentary. Soon a debated sparked among their friends: Why should the chicken coop be an eyesore in our gardens? This is the 21st century! Why don’t we have a better looking chicken coop?

The Nogg: Redesigning the Chicken Coop

The duo decided to come up with an alternative chicken coop and a brand that would surprise and delight chicken owners just as much as those first fresh eggs. It wasn’t long before they thought of the shape and design details and after an arduous, stressful year the nogg (prototype 01A) hatched.

Engineered and crafted by hand in the UK, the nogg is made from strong cedar wood which is fresh scented and naturally antibacterial. Stainless steel trimming, locks & fasteners and the elevated glass dome gives the nogg a contemporary feel and is reassuringly safe and durable. It is Matthew Hayward’s ability to mix precission engineering with his inate empathy for materials and craftsmanship that makes his work quietly brilliant and makes this a beautiful and unique object above and beyond being a pretty cool chicken house!

There are many challenging design features encompassed in the nogg. The doors have been created with a stainless steel frame and ribbing to combat the possible effects of the elements. The innovative glass top twists and lifts to aid ventilation and is just one of the details that really elevates the idea of what a domestic coop can be. The nogg sits on a concrete base fastened with stainless steel rings that keeps it damp proof and stable.

The Nogg Brand

The brand has been developed by Nadia Turan who has used hand drawn illustrations combined with graphic elements to bring the nogg and those quirky chickens to life. The brand and overall concept portrays a fun sense of humour and belies a fastidious attention to what transpired to be a feat of innovative design and engineering solutions.

Where Does the Nogg Chicken Coop Come From?

The nogg has been hatched on a fascinating plot belonging to Matthew. It is a cottage and grounds that sits among a chicken farm, cow fields, even a castle and sits on the edge of Luton airport’s runway strip! Matthew designed and built his own workshops and has engineered and constructed the machinery required to hold and build the nogg. His steadfast and almost fanatical adherence to hand made and traditional methods extends to the beautiful studio he built in his garden to use specifically for the nogg.

Specs for the Chicken Coop

Name: nogg (Prototype 01A) Release Date: September 2010
Safe: Fox proof locks, latches and fixtures.
Ecological: Hand made from Cedar wood the nogg has a naturally fresh scent and is naturally resistant to bacteria
Easy to clean: With a large hatch there is easy access to the removable base tray inside.
Durable: Cedar wood was chosen for it’s strength and durability. As the nogg weathers it will get better with age.
Designed by: Matthew Hayward and Nadia Turan
Engineered & hand made by: Matthew Hayward
Materials: Sustainably sourced Cedar wood, 316 stainless steel, glass & concrete base
Size: Height – 1.2 m x widest diameter – 80cm

Visit The Nogg website for information.


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