California City Unveils Four 100 mpg Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles


Building on its status as the No. 1 Government Green Fleet in North America, the City of Long Beach unveiled four 100 mpg Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles on Tuesday. The City used cutting-edge technology to transform four Toyota Prius Hybrid vehicles into electric plug-in vehicles that boast 100 miles per gallon. “As the owner of an […]

Natural Products Expo Returns to Anaheim with Good Stuff


The editor’s at GreenWorld365 are all fired up again. We’re getting ready to attend the Natural Products Expo West/SupplyExpo in Anaheim, CA next week. The Natural Products Expo is a wall-to-wall event that fills the Anaheim Convention Center featuring more than 1900 companies in the natural, organic and specialty foods, supplements, and health and beauty, […]

GreenWorld365 Attends Go Green Expo


The entire GreenWorld365 staff had a wonderful time today attending the Go Green Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It was a pleasure to meet and engage so many passionate like-minded individuals. With booths displaying such a wide range of eco-friendly products and services to visit we had our hands full. Exhibits consisted of products from a […]

Green Terminology Ends up on Banned List


A couple of environmental buzzwords top the Lake Superior State University’s 2009 List of Banished Words. In fact, one our favorite words here at GreenWorld365 is threatening to cause rebellion among word-lovers — green! For some it’s all the green-washing that’s making them so angry. “If I see one more corporation declare itself ‘green,’ I’m […]

Obama Announces “Green Dream Team”


Today, President-elect Barack Obama announced key members of his energy and environment team: Dr. Steven Chu will be Secretary of Energy. Winner of the Nobel Prize for physics in 1997, Dr. Chu served on the technical staff at AT&T Bell Labs (1978 –1987) and was a professor in the Physics and Applied Physics Departments at […]

Consumers MAY pay for green technology


Macworld talks about a study released by the Consumer Electronics Association that finds buyers want to purchase green electronics. Unfortunately, only 53 percent also said they are ready to pay a premium for environmentally friendly options. It’s not much encouragement to tech manufacturers considering an expansion of their eco-friendly product line. Business is business. Manufacturers will […]

St. Peter’s Christmas Tree to be Recycled


The environmental site Yellows and Blues reports that the 108 foot tall, 120 year old Norwegian Spruce that went up on December 10 will be recycled into wooden toys and children’s furniture. The announcement is part of a larger green initiative to limit “sins’ against the environment.

EPA Unveils Most Wanted List


The Environmental Protection Agency has unveiled a most wanted list on its website. The 23 suspected eco-criminals are identified as having been charged with a variety of environmental crimes or violations of the U.S. Federal Criminal Code. Some of the crimes alleged are smuggling ozone depleting chemicals, illegally treating and disposing of hazardous waste, wire […]