Find a Cheap, Natural Carpet Cleaning Solution in Your Kitchen

natural carpet cleaning solution

Want to clean your carpet with natural cleaners? We have the solution for you!

Spills, stains, mold and soil on our rugs and carpets used to send us to our chemical stockpiles to find the most effective weapon with which to go to battle to keep the carpet looking new. Of course, now we know better. Carpet cleaning solutions made with chemicals aren’t really the best solution at all.

If you’re tired of the cost and fake odors of the chemical cleansers, or just enjoy thumbing your nose at the chemical manufacturers now and then, keep a few tried true natural carpet cleaning solutions in mind.

Quick and Easy Natural Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Natural cleaners are the healthier, safer alternative that’s not really an “alternative” at all. Many of these are the same great cleaning solutions that our grandmothers used—and her house was spotless!

The Universal Solvent

Water is the universal solvent. Hot water will dissolve almost any substance that finds its way to your floors and requires a carpet cleaning solution. A good home steam cleaner, whether tank or upright, is a nearly perfect carpet cleaning solution in many ways. Its primary agent, plain water, is the quintessential green cleanser, and the steam melts the full gamut of soils you routinely encounter.

To turbo charge your water based carpet cleaning solution, head to the kitchen. Pour a small amount of lemon juice or white vinegar into the steam cleaner’s tank.

Home Carpet Cleaning Starts in the Kitchen

Oddly, the cabinet in which we keep our baking ingredients also houses the staples of natural cleaning.

Spot Clean with White vinegar and Baking Soda

White vinegar and baking soda isn’t just great for making model volcano lava and rocket launches—it can clean just about anything via some geeky hypothermic reactions we’d rather think of as explosions blowing the dirt right out of your home carpet. Cleaning with “explosions” just might lure the kids to lend a hand, too!

Seriously, though, a solution of white vinegar and baking soda makes an excellent detergent. To spot clean home carpets, sprinkle the powder on the stain and drizzle the vinegar over the powder. It will foam and fizzle; after that subsides, scrub the area with an old towel rag. Let it dry, and vacuum it all up. To deodorize your rugs, skip the scented powders from the supermarket. Sprinkle baking soda over the whole carpet or rug; let it sit for half an hour (dry); come back later to vacuum. Presto! Clean and fresh.

Cleaning Carpets with a Cornmeal Concoction

Not many people realize this, but that box of cornmeal that’s been sitting in the cupboard half empty for longer than you’d care to remember can help carry out natural carpet cleaning, too. Concoct this: 1 cup borax, ½ a cup of baking soda and one cup of cornmeal. Sprinkle the blend over your carpet. Moisten a sponge mop, and lightly work the carpet. Let this dry overnight and, in the morning, vacuum the soil away.

Salt Scrub: A Natural Solution for Carpet Cleaning

Got a minor stain, but you’re plumb out of cornmeal and borax? Blend regular table salt with enough white vinegar to create a paste. Scrub, vacuum.

Oh, and don’t hesitate to experiment by squeezing some fresh lemon juice into your cleansing cocktails…and limes, grapefruit, and oranges are nice, too. Don’t fear creativity: mix in a few drops of your favorite essential oils.

Hit Carpet Stains and Mold with Hydrogen Peroxide

Now I know I watch too many forensics shows—I got a natural carpet cleaning tip from one last week. Apparently, hydrogen peroxide has done its share of cleaning up after crimes—including murder—because it powers away protein stains such as blood.

I hope that blood isn’t a common problem on your rugs. However, those of us who live in damp regions can unfortunately experience recurring mildew and mold troubles. When I do, I find that hydrogen peroxide, diluted 5 to 1 with water, can be effective.

Some rugs, especially if deeply colored, respond wonderfully to a solution of lemon juice and salt, too…but I guess that drags you back to the kitchen.

While you’re there, have some homemade oatmeal cookies. Natural cleaning and wholesome snacks make an awesome pair.


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  2. Regular carpet cleaning is a must to ensure you get the maximum life span out of your carpet. Traffic areas can quickly deteriorate if regular vacuum or steam cleaning is not preformed.
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  3. These are great solutions for cleaning up most messes, but some spills and stains are extremely hard to get out. We went upstairs to find our dog chewing on a pen she’d found on the new carpet. She left a big spot of ink that we tried to clean it up with all sorts of solutions that are usually successful, but it’s never really left. It’s not as noticeable now, but the carpet is discolored at the spot.

  4. We always try home remedies first for pet stains, like baking soda and vinegar. I have found a product called “bac-out” that works well too.

  5. Very enlightening article that most people wouldn’t even think about with all of the green cleaning agents right under their nose. Always nice to see that a few household items can be used to clean this or that, without having to spend more money to get up a tacky stain. We have used Peroxide to get up some stains, but the others are new to me. Nothing can replace having those carpets cleaned by a pro once a year!

  6. Seeing baking soda and vinegar on a lot of these lists. I guess I’m messing up by choosing store bought cleaners instead of just looking into my cooking cabinet to clean.

  7. Baking soda is a very common homemade carpet cleaning powder but I would recommend always getting professional carpet cleaners in annually to help maintain your carpets condition and longevity. Great post, thanks.

  8. Great article, its always good to find new ways to get rid of the nasty carpet stains and remove them for good. Its also good to point out the basics like hot water because for stain removal and general carpet cleaning it is underutilized. Good short and sweet read that was to the point.

  9. Very interesting article! While nothing truly beats a regular professional carpet cleaning, these are some great solutions to deal with more minor issues and help to keep your carpets looking pristine! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Nice article. These easy to do solutions certainly extend the life of your carpets in between regular professional carpet cleaning maintenance. Think one piece that would add more value to your article is the method one would use when they use any of the solvents above. I find quiet often our clients that have used some home made product to remove spots and stains, rub the solvent into the spot as opposed to blotting the stain and agitating it to lift out the stain.

  11. As a carpet cleaning professional for over 20 years it’s good to see sound advice being shared with the masses. I would always caution testing any carpet cleaning solution or technique on a small hidden area first to make sure it doesn’t cause unintended discoloration. Thank you for sharing this great information. I especially like your “Universal Solvent” tip, as clean water will always be one of the best ways to clean.

  12. Great tips. I’m going to share these with my family; always useful to have some home remedies in your back pocket! I always encourage my clients to be very careful when trying any home solution though, as many end up rubbing the stain further into the material. But if done properly, these methods can be extremely helpful!

  13. Very interesting read! I find these solutions can be effective in removing a stain, especially when you need it gone asap. However, I agree with the others that say it is important to get professional equipment. You can’t sanitize a carpet by rubbing in another solution, you have to suck out all the bacteria and such as well and use deep clean methods.
    Thanks for the great article! Keep up the good woork

  14. This was a really interesting article on some unknown ways to help keep your carpets clean. Great read!

  15. Great article on what a home owner can use to remove stains before they become embedded in their carpet. Also its good to go green if you have children or pets.
    Good read and good info in this article.

  16. Thanks for the helpful tips and tricks. I am a DJ an I have rugs, red carpets, and standing mats that I use for various events. This will help to keep these looking fresh and clean. Thanks for the tip!

  17. Great article. It’s good because everyone has these items at home. Easy and convenient.

  18. Thanks a lot, this is a great article for using common items we all have in our homes. Thanks for posting guys.

  19. Thank you for the great suggestions! I’ve been reading more about CRI carpet cleaning solutions as well. Seems like they are providing better and “greener” solutions, you might want to check them out.

  20. Nice to know a clean carpet is just a cabinet away. Thanks!

  21. Nice to know a clean carpet is just a cabinet away. Thanks!

  22. Nice to know a clean carpet is just a cabinet away. Thanks!

  23. We like to use citrus based products because not only are they environmentally friendly, they smell great too!

  24. I love these tips! All that is necessary for the cleanliness of the carpet almost always is at hand. Of course, if the situation is already running or you need a full cleaning, I prefer to call a cleaning company.

  25. Thanks for these awesome solutions to our carpet problems. gonna have to try out some of em

  26. never knew some of these tips would actually work.. graziee

  27. Thank you for your tips about cleaning my carpet. I will definitely have to try vinegar and the bicarb solution. Hopefully, this will help get rid of the unsightly stains.

  28. Great tips. Love going to the grocery store and seeing the so-called “green cleaners” at 10x the price of a bottle of vinegar and a box of bicarb a few aisles away.

  29. Great write up cheap and natural carpet cleaning solutions. I feel like it is a growing trend of people being more careful of chemicals they use to treat areas in and around their house. I have noticed it more and more in our industry.

    -Brandi Owens

  30. I tend to educate my customers about some of the tips they could use if they’re ever in need of a homemade detergent to clean their carpets or remove stains and others. It’s pretty surprising how many people have no idea what to do when the solutions are right in front of them. Anyways, thanks for sharing this.. hope more people check this out.

  31. Simple tips that just work great, thanks for this useful article.


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