Meatless Mondays- Meatless Ruebens

sauerkrautThis recipe, like it’s original, is not for those with timid taste buds. In fact, this sandwich could easily be described as a full-scale culinary blitzkrieg. But for a lot of people trying to go meatless, one complaint I have often heard is that vegetarian food is bland. Well, I double-dog dare ’em.

Rye bread
Dijon Mustard, or spicy brown mustard
Sliced Swiss cheese

First, get a large skillet or griddle over medium heat. While that’s going heat up you sauerkraut so that it’s hot all the way through, either in a pot or in the microwave. When your skillet is ready take a slice of rye and butter one side. Place on the griddle. Add a slice of Swiss, then using a fork to strain the water off, pile on an even layer of sauerkraut. Add another piece of Swiss. On another piece of rye spread a generous amount of mustard, place on top of sandwich and now butter the top. Occasionally check the bottom piece of bread and when it’s golden, flip. The trick is to make the bread is golden and the Swiss is melted. When it’s ready, slice it in half and serve with beer, some greens and maybe some roasted potatoes.

For parties, this can be a great appetizer if you use round cookie cutter to cut the bread and cheese, then assemble as above.

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  1. Mary Munoz says:

    No No No…….No microwave. Recipe is good but if you want it to be fully healthy as well as meatless, do not recommend the microwave.

  2. Mais c’est pas fini cette phobie du micro-ondes ?
    Je suis d’accord avec Peter, c’est pareil.

    Que fait le micro onde aux aliments à part faire bouger l’anatomie des petites molécules :-p Ce n’est pas une centrale nucléaire.

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