Use Local Sources to Save Resources: 3 Ways to Go Green at the Library

save money, borrow free books libraryReading is still a favorite pastime for many people. But what happens to the literature once you are done reading it? Do you really need your own copy of a book that you’ll read once and get rid of?

If you have a passion for books, music, movies, or other entertainment, you can enjoy your hobby and be eco-friendly at the same time by visiting your local library.

Many people have forgotten that they can find just about anything in the library that they can in the bookstore. Besides saving money, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint when you read a “used” book, listen to a borrowed CD, or watch a previously viewed video, all free courtesy of your local library.

Visit the Library for Free Resources

Your local public library is free and accessible. You can go online and find out if they have the latest spy or mystery novel on their shelves. Many libraries will do interlibrary loans for you so you can pick up the book you want at the closest branch instead of driving all over town.

More than just books! Borrow movies and CDs

Most libraries loan movies and CDs. You may be limited in the number of movies you can check out but how many movies can you watch at a time? The service is free of charge so you can probably accept a few limitations.

Libraries have computers available to the public. If you want to do a little surfing while you are there, you can. This is a great benefit for folks who don’t have computers readily accessible.

You’ll find popular, current magazines and newspapers at your local library. Instead of hitting the newsstand and buying a paper that will end up in the trash, read it at the library. You can also usually find trade magazines and other specialty resources. For a small fee you can use their copier and get only the articles, recipes, or other information you want.

Save Money at the Library

Libraries save you money. Instead of buying books, magazines, movies, music, audio books, and other items, you can borrow them from your local library. No more spending money on magazines that just end up in piles that you keep meaning to read and never do, or books you read once and then have to get rid of. No more spending money on music or movies that you thought you’d like but didn’t.

If you realize you don’t want to watch a movie you borrowed from the library, no harm done. Return it and try another; for free. Many libraries now even loan games. Your game player can now solve the mystery of the game and return it to try another, all for free.

Save Trees with a Digital Library

Some people like to have books at home that they enjoy reading over and over. If you want to keep a library at home, consider an electronic book reader. You can find models made by various well known electronics makers as well as large booksellers. The cost of books is reasonable and often comes with free additional uploads. The device will pay for itself in no time. You’ll enjoy less clutter around your home and the environment will appreciate less paper waste.

One resource that is often underused when it comes to saving money and the environment is the local public library. Take time and find out what your library has to offer—for free.

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