Interview: Mark May of Ecosmart World

mark_may_int_postEach month GreenWorld365 will spotlight people, businesses, or organizations that are making strides towards greening our world. This month we interview Mark May of Ecosmartworld.

1. Tell us your story! How did you get interested in living a green lifestyle?

I’ve been living in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada most of my life where it’s hard not to be a nature enthusiast when you’re surrounded by Mountains, Old Growth Forests, and Glacier fed Lakes, Rivers and the Ocean. Recycling and conservation has always been a part of my life growing up. I guess I started being the most eco-conscious when I became an avid Hiker “Take only pictures, leave only footprints”. Ultimately movies like “the Corporation” and Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” put social responsibility and sustainability into more of a World perspective. And now I have an Eco-friendly product to promote in the marketplace and I’m obsessed with getting more information and making “Green Living” an integral part of mine and my family and friends lives.

2. The terms “green,” “eco-friendly,” and “sustainable” get bandied around quite a bit nowadays. How do you personally define what is “green.”

Green to me means Less consumption = Less production = Less waste. If you can find an alternative to a product or action that you use in your life that fit’s this equation then it’s “Green” especially if it is natural. Our society lived and evolved for Hundreds of years without the modern conveniences that we take for granted and we need to return back to that way of thinking. “Why can’t you refill your pen?” We need to move from a disposable society to a waste conscious society.

3. What type of products/innovations/movements excite you about the green living industry right now?

I am most excited about the alternatives to Plastic products. Reducing the consumption of any and or all PVC Petroleum based Products will go a long way to helping the environment. And I love the innovations of the youth green movement.

4. Who inspires you in your green journey? Why?

I am most inspired by my customers. Early adapters type “A” personalities taking action. I hear so many great stories about changes that they are making for both their health and the good of the environment. Very positive!

5. Everyone has a vice. When it comes to living your green ideal, where do you struggle?

My vehicle is my Achilles Heel! Although, I bought it without power options like door locks and windows and it has a small fuel efficient engine. I wish I didn’t have to commute 25 miles from my home every day.

6. With so many folks worried about the worlds economy, how do you balance your green goals with economic realities?

I find that a eco-friendly, sustainable live style is conducive with saving money and the irony of both the “Economic Crisis” (over consumption) and the “Green Movement” (less consumption) coming at the same time is perfect. “Less is More” has never been truer!

7. What is your current green project all about?

We are currently the Distributors of the AusPen Eco-friendly, Dry erase, Markers for White boards. A product that’s designed to allow you to refill your Whiteboard marker Pens with Non-Toxic ink, rather than throwing the Plastic disposables in the trash. Reducing environmental waste from the landfills. School and Education facilities in North America purchase and throw away 500,000,000 million disposable markers a year. A very seamless and easy choice to help reduce your Carbon Footprint.

8. What do you hope to accomplish? Who do you hope to reach with this work?

We would like to reach out to anyone who uses a Whiteboard. We hope to replace the PVC plastic disposable markers using VOC ink with our AusPen Eco-friendly, Non –Toxic, dry erase Markers, as the Green alternative to the Expo etc.

9. What sort of feedback have you received so far?

We have been selling the AusPen in North America for almost five years and have converted thousands of Schools and Offices to using our product ultimately preventing thousands of Tons of waste from entering local landfills and saving our customers thousands of dollars in the process.

10. If you could share one thing with folks that are wondering how they can make a change for a more sustainable future, what would it be?

Make one change today! Use a reusable cup, waster bottle, shopping bags anything that will stop the production and waste of a product that you consume on a daily or weekly basis.

Mark May can be reached at Ecosmart World, Disributors of AusPen Markers, Phone: 778.297.9915 Toll Free: 866.328.7736 via email at You may also follow him on twitter @eco_smart_guy


  1. Good interview. Thank you for sharing it.

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