Healthy Home Starter Kit Has Everything You Need to Clean Green

healthy-home green cleaning starter kit

This starter kit has everything you need to get started on a green cleaning adventure.

Last week we talked about going green with natural cleaners, etc. And we know that chemical-free cleaning is something we should all be doing to save our environment and out health. The problem for some, is that they don’t know where to start.

If you want to clean up your house-cleaning regimen, the Healthy Home Starter Kit is a good place to begin. It gives you a basket full of eco-conscious cleaning material to get your home spic and span the eco-friendly way.

The kit includes Epic All Purpose Cleaners, Glass & Mirror cleaner, Dish Soap and Hand Soap, a Loofah and naked sponge, Euro cloth and sponge, bamboo cloth (all of which are 100% biodegradable), biodegradable kitchen bags, reusable shopping bag and a 100% organic cotton shopping bag. All products are arranged in a bright blue six gallon recycle carrier, which would be handy to have in any home. The cleaners come in a choice of fragrances, depending on your preference: free and clear, citrus and ginger or lavender.

The Healthy Home Starter Kit would make a great gift to yourself, to a young adult moving into their own apartment or anybody else that is ready to embark on a “green” adventure in cleaning.

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  1. Tanya Neelon says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the green world natural soap cleaner. I cleaned all of my kitchen cabinets today and the product did a great job.

    The problem? I’ve run out and can’t remember where I bought my original bottle. Where do you distribute your products?

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