Greenopia’s Guide to Green Living — A Must Have

Greenopia Guide

The green guide is loaded with information and divided into useful categories.

GreenWorld365 editors recently attended the Go Green Expo in Los Angeles California. The expo offered us a wonderful experience to meet many venders that believe in Green Living and to experience their products. One of the products that we were truly impressed with was The Urban Dweller’s Guide to Green Living by Greenopia.

This guide assists consumers in making daily green living choices. With listings and ratings of more than 1,400 eco-friendly retailers, service providers, and organizations in major metropolitan areas. I happen to have the Los Angeles edition; there is also a San Francisco and New York City edition and soon-to-be-released editions for Chicago, Denver, Seattle and Portland. 

The guide is loaded with information and divided into multiple categories such as Eating Out, Caring for Critters, and Greening Your Space to name a few. The first page of each category has a brief contribution from a talented local expert. For instance, Eating Out begins with a very nice introduction from Akasha Richmond a Chef/Restaurant Owner.

Following the introduction, the Guide outlines why sustainability is important in that category. It also details what criteria was used to evaluate businesses and provides a description of how ratings are applied. Each evaluation method is category specific. Some of the considerations are the percentage of organic goods sold by a grocer, or the number of sustainable home-building products used by a general contractor.

Further the editors of the Guide to Green Living evaluate the day-to-day operations of a business for its commitment to environmental practices. In most categories businesses are awarded a Green Leaf Award and the reader can easily look at a business and determine how well it scored by the number of Green Leaves it has. The number of Green Leaves is based on the criteria stated at the beginning of each category.

Each major category contains several sub categories. Within the Eating Out section you’ll find: Restaurants and Cafes, Wine Bars and Breweries, Coffee and Tea Houses, Juice Bars, Bakeries, Chocolatiers and Dessert Shops.

The guide is loaded with additional information including green tips and too much more to detail here. One of the most important aspects of the guide is that it is not a paid advertisement directory. Companies cannot pay to be listed in the guide. Businesses listed have met Greenopia’s guidelines and qualifications for green living.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Terrye Bretzke, Publisher of the guide, who is a passionate advocate of making educated eco-conscious decisions. Further during our discussion she told me about Gay Browne, the founder of Greenopia, whose commitment to researching green options eventually led to the creation of this guide.

For those of you that really want your dollars to support your green living lifestyle, The Urban Dweller’s Guide to Green Living is a must have. The Guide retails for $17.95 on, or less if you buy it used.

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