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Local charities are great, but there are other options re-using, freecycling or swapping goods you no longer need..

As the holiday season winds down and your children are immersed in all things new, what happens with all those old toys, games, and clothes? Are there a few things you still need and would like to find?

Parents know how remarkably fast our children outgrow their clothes or lose interest in toys. So in our quest to remain eco-friendly many of us recycle and reuse as often as we can. Raising children and maintaining a green lifestyle can be challenging. 

How often have you tried to find someone you know that can use that highchair your darling child recently outgrew? What do you do? Give it to Goodwill or your local charity? Great choices, but other available options are online communities.

Communities such as Freecycle and Craigslist are great. But for families with children there is another excellent possibility called Zwaggle. is a community committed to sharing more and consuming less. Zwaggle is somewhat like an online thrift store directed towards families. Purchases are made by using Zoints, which is a point system that essentially allows anyone from all economic backgrounds the ability to participate.

Hundreds of items are listed for reuse on the site in such categories as Arts and Crafts, Clothing, Car Seats, Furniture, Video Games and many more. Jump on in and turn those old toys into green toys by putting them into reuse circulation.

Getting started is simple. It’s free to join and once you register you’ll immediately receive 50 Zoints. Many of the items are listed for much less.  I recently saw a pair of shoes listed for as little as 2 Zoints, and a set of 5 baby blankets for 26. Once registered you may start shopping or listing items you have to pass along. You can also earn Zoints by referring others to the community. Any unused Zoints may be saved for future purchases or donated to charities. The only costs involved are those associated with the shipping of an item.

Through online reuse communities we extend the life of our goods, limit the use of landfills, reduce the need to manufacture and consume less of our worlds resources. Reuse is good for everyone.

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Keith Lewis is the Founder of Green World 365. His vision is to inspire others to do one thing every day to make a greener world. He is also the founder and host of Swoop's World, an indie radio show based in Southern California.

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