School Fundraisers Go Green to Raise Money

green fundraisers for schoolsDoes your school need to make some money? What if we told you that your PTA or school club could earn money by being green? Think about it: you would not only be helping your school community by fundraising, but also our planet by recycling!

“Green fundraisers” are becoming very popular and as a result there are many interesting ways for your school to start going green… and get a reward for it! Traditional fundraisers include projects like collecting and recycling papers, cardboard or cans, but groups can also recycle less traditional “garbage” such as electronics and candy wrappers. These kind of fundraisers benefit the students, their parents and teachers, as well as the entire community, not only by raising money but also by instilling children with environmental values.

Check out these school fundraisers and create a greener community.

Raise Money by Recycling Cell Phones

Everybody owns a cell phone nowadays, and we change it every now and then. In fact, Americans consume 426,000 cell phones every day! What should we do with the old equipment? Instead of throwing it away so it ends up in a landfill polluting the Earth, you can organize a campaign in your school. Collect as many old cell phones and chargers as you can, and then send all the materials to programs such as ProjectKOPEG, Recycle Place or Wireless Fundraiser, which will pay the school to over $150 per phone and will make sure every single piece of equipment gets recycled and not wasted. All these programs imply reducing E-waste for cash.

Recycle Inkjet Cartridges for Money

Cell phones are not the only electronic waste your school can recycle. If you consider that more than 500 million cartridges are thrown away each year, you’ll discover that recycling them is also an eco-friendly alternative for fundraising. Check these great programs: FundingFactory, which holds various contests throughout the year for chances to win additional points or prizes; Recycle Rewards or Global Re-source Funding. All of them receive cell phones as well, so your school can organize both collects all year long!

Recycling Wrappers as a School Fundraiser

Why would anyone collect drink pouches, chip bags or cookie wrappers? Well, first of all, because it is better that just throwing them away. Upcycled Lay’s ( converts them into folders, pencil bags, and other useful products that the school community can re-sell or use. receives drink pouches and pays $.02 for each of them. Just think how many drinks a day kids in your school consume!

Schools Can Sell Green Products to Raise Money

Groups such as or FairTradeAction can help you organize an eco-friendly fundraising in where to sell items such as fair-trade food products, recycled products, reusable shopping bags, energy saving products or organic school t-shirts.

Remember that we don’t own the Earth, we just borrow it from our children. Those same children can teach us adults a lot on how to take care of the planet. And if by doing it we can even earn money for our schools, who could ask for more?


  1. I think it’s fantastic that the educational field has really been leading the way in sustainability efforts. Many school district are adopting energy efficient LED lights and renewable energy!

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