Deep Sea Texting: Finding eco-friendly fish on the fly

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Need help finding sustainable fish? Send a text message,

So you’re standing at the counter of your favorite fishmonger admiring all of the seafood choices; and you want to make a healthy, eco-friendly decision. What do you do? You pick up your cell phone, send a text message, and have valuable information to help aid in that decision within seconds.

Two non-profit organizations have compiled information that can be accessed quickly regarding the health and environmental concerns of fish. Both The Blue Ocean Institute, a New York-based organization, and Friend of the Sea, a U.K.-based organization, have made it simple to maintain your quest to eat healthy and remain eco-friendly. They provide a wonderful easy to obtain reference that will assist you when making a quick decision on a seafood purchase while shopping or dining out.

I have used Blue Ocean Institute in the past but recently I discovered Friend of the Sea also. I tested them both by texting the exact same request to see the similarities and or differences I would receive.

The procedure to obtain information from these services is easy, type fish then the species you want information on. You must leave a space between the two words. (for example: fish grouper) For The Blue Ocean Institute you send your information to 30644, and for Friends of the Sea use 90430.

The results of my inquiries were:
Blue Ocean Institute
Grouper (RED) significant environmental concerns; HEALTH ADVISORY: High Mercury; try mahi mahi, Pollock or farmed rainbow trout instead.

Friends of the Sea
Overexploited and Vulnerable. Caught with longliners vessels which can lead to high bycatch of sharks and seaturtles. Conservation concern.

Mahi Mahi
Blue Ocean Institute
Mahi mahi; pole and troll caught (GREEN) very few environmental concerns; longline caught (YELLOW) some environmental concerns.

Friends of the Sea
Good Choice. Generally healthy stocks. Caught mainly with troll, pole and line or handline. Conservation concerns if caught with longlines.

Slight differences aside, the information from both shows consistency and does what it’s supposed to do. Provide you with fast information helping you make that quick on the spot healthy, environmentally friendly decision.

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