Energy-Efficient Appliances Pay Off with Green Rebates

Energy-efficient appliance rebates

Take the effort to reduce your carbon footprint and the government may even reward you with rebates for using energy-efficient appliances.

Maybe you have been contemplating some changes around the house but you haven’t found the time, or you don’t know exactly what to do. Would you find the time to go green if the government offered to pay you?

Before you tackle your next home improvement project, consider improvements that will make your home more energy efficient and get you the green stamp-of-approval from the government.

Why do we want the government to approve our green home improvements? Because the government is offering incentives, rebates and tax breaks for those who decide to turn their home into an energy efficient habitat.

So, without further ado, here are some improvements that will make your home green and may also earn rebates from the government. Green home, green wallet. It’s a win-win!

Install solar panels

Put all of that sweltering heat up on the roof to good use. Panels can be installed on a south facing roof or on the south side of your home. Those with a truly creative side can construct their own for about $200 and a lot of elbow grease. Others come in kits and set up a little easier. Depending on the price of your panel installation, you can begin to see savings in a few months and recoup the money you paid in a few years. Be sure to check with your city and state government as many municipalities offer rebates to help cover the cost of installing solar panels. You may also be able to sell extra electricity back to your local utility, so check with them too.

Install ceiling fans

Ceiling fans not only change the ambiance in a room, but they do some serious work as well. They circulate air within the room, which not only feels good but helps to lower the temperature in the summer. Instead of turning up the air conditioner when it’s hot outside, simply turn on the fan and feel the cool air. In the winter, a slowly moving ceiling fan can move warm air around the home to prevent cold corners and floors, reducing the urge to crank up the heat. Ceiling fans probably won’t be earning you a rebate any time soon, but you will save money on your utility bill versus running an air conditioner.

Buy energy-efficient appliances

Energy-efficient appliances are those with the Energy Star label. The label tells you how much you can save on a yearly basis by using that product. A washing machine or dishwasher with the Energy Star saves you twice because they not only use less energy, they use less water. Consider making the investment in new appliances especially if your current appliances are 15 years old or older. The return on investment will surprise you. Visit the website of your local utility company or state government and you can often find rebates for homeowners that switch out old energy-guzzlers for new efficient appliances. Sometimes, they will even haul your old appliance away!

What can you do around your home to increase energy efficiency and, hopefully, earn a rebate for being green? Do an energy audit and see where the gaps are. Use the ideas above to begin making changes for the better so you can earn your green living award!


  1. The solar power panel is the safest and cleanest energy and helps us sustain the environment.Unlike the non-renewable energy sources, such as coal and petroleum, solar power does not smog or global warming.

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