Consumers MAY pay for green technology

Macworld talks about a study released by the Consumer Electronics Association that finds buyers want to purchase green electronics. Unfortunately, only 53 percent also said they are ready to pay a premium for environmentally friendly options. It’s not much encouragement to tech manufacturers considering an expansion of their eco-friendly product line.

Business is business. Manufacturers will only make a product if consumers will buy it. So the question becomes, “How do you market a more expensive product?”

The answer, as always, comes down to money. There is an eco-minded demographic that will buy a product simply because it’s the best environmental choice. Many more mainstream purchasers will buy a slightly more expensive product if it saves them money overall — usually on long-term operating costs.

Maybe it’s time to stop marketing green tech as the “feel good” choice and get back to the basics of selling based on features and benefits. Feature: energy star appliances use less energy. Benefit: lower electric bills.

What do you think? What’s the best way to entice consumers to vote with their wallet and encourage green innovation in the electronics industry?

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Barbara lives in Southern California where she writes about technology, design and smart ways to go green.

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