Green Tips: Close the Door to Conserve Heat

Looking for a quick, free way to get on the energy conservation bandwagon? Keep your doors closed inside and contain heat to the rooms you’re in.

If your family is anything like mine, then you probably tend to congregate in one or two rooms. Keeping the doors closed to rooms that aren’t currently being used can conserve a lot of energy. This will also save green on your home heating bill. 

The biggest culprit is the bedrooms. Close the door to your bedrooms during the day and evening when they’re not in use. Just remember to open it up an hour or two before bedtime and it will warm up to a comfortable temperature by the time you’re ready to go to sleep.

The bathroom is another room to pay close attention to. Obviously this room gets used quite frequently, but one doesn’t typically spend too much time inside. For this reason, you might want to keep the door closed — sure, it may be cold while you’re in there, but you will warm right back up as soon as you are out.

Conserving energy is about using only what you need. Lower your heating bill this winter by warming up only the rooms that you are actually using. Isn’t it great when saving money and saving the planet go hand in hand?

About Barbara Holbrook

Barbara lives in Southern California where she writes about technology, design and smart ways to go green.


  1. I would like to use the image of the open door on our doula website. What do I need to do?

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