Green Tips for Cars: Spend Green to be Green

Sometimes if you want to make your vehicle more environmentally friendly you’ve got toSpend Green to be Green.” Proper care and maintenance will not only prolong the life your vehicle, it can increase fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse emissions.

Start with a proper tune-up — including things like spark plugs, oxygen sensors, hoses and belts — for a 4 percent bump in gas savings. Make sure to regularly replace your cars air filter — up to a 10 percent fuel savings. Inflate your tires according to the manufacturer’s instructions — another 3 percent nudge. Always use the correct weight when replacing motor oil. You can also look for the words “Energy Conserving” on the label — energy-conserving products contain special additives to reduce friction. Just these simple car care tips can make your vehicle up to 19% greener.

You can also consider getting a “Green Checkup.” The checkups, championed by the National Automobile Dealers Association, are free at participating dealerships and offer 10 simple service checks that can be done in about an hour.

About Barbara Holbrook

Barbara lives in Southern California where she writes about technology, design and smart ways to go green.


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