Green World 365 Founders: Keith Lewis & Peter Dopulos
Editorial Director: Keith Lewis
Associate Editor and Content Management: Barbara Holbrook
Contributing Writer: James Rupp

Green World 365 was started by a group of friends with a passion to live a greener lifestyle and teach their children to do the same. We set out to find simple solutions that we could incorporate seamlessly into our lifestyle — without traumatizing our children.

And so the quest began, starting with the basics: recycling, light bulbs, composting and gardening. We continued to search for more eco-friendly ideas, tips and solutions. That’s where we began and out of this, GreenWorld 365 was born.

GreenWorld 365 is about a passion to make a difference one small step at a time, 365 days a year. Our mission is to create a comprehensive one-stop resource with information for all things Green and the latest eco-news, practical solutions and tips for living a greener lifestyle.

GreenWorld 365 provides news, green tips and environmental information to assist with improving the choices we make that impact on the environment. The world faces monumental environmental changes caused by human activities. Many years of negative impact will not be changed overnight. The good news is that individually through small and simple steps taken one day at a time, each of us can affect change.

Green Living is not a fad it’s simply the right thing to do for our world and future generations. That’s what GreenWorld 365 is all about — solutions. We believe that by providing a wide variety of information and practical solutions we inspire will greener living today.